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a tangible percept.



I believe every shape, created tangible to sight, starts with a rough or blurred concept that is chiseled into a contour of a persona. To fruit the delicate stroke of a pen on paper; into a remarkable unreproducable piece on a canvas, it is my mission. The following is a portfolio of some of my latest work:



A Few Compiled Logos

B R A N D I N G & C A M P A I G N

Campaign: 1. Bee Friendly & 2. Adora 2019

Marketing Church Event

Branding: Intentional Coffee- Includes logo, murals, product label, business cards, and merchandise design.

Store Brand
View From Street
The Espresso Bar
Business Cards
Diner Mugs
Intentional Coffee Beans


Black Ring Coffee Roaster
Coffee Found Here
Creat Solutions Office Space
Nothing Wrong With Making That Wish
Selfie Spot Corner
It Speaks.


C A N V A S _No. 1


title: "Destination Unknown."

A metaphor of endlessly anticipating a place to come to rest in solitude, that isn't death.

Price: $20+ donation.



There is a candid-natural flow that crosses paths with abandoned literature in the pictures I create.
It is a goal of mine to preserve and make an ode to the life that once was, to those who had no access to versatile influences and references to dilute the authenticity of an expression.

Victor Yuen

Photo of Me

I grew up in the a peaceful town, Redondo Beach in lovely Southern California. On the route of obtaining a Bachelor's in Computer Science, a past life had resurfaced. The accelerated need to dig graphite into a surface, in prospects to become a treasured piece of work, had started to peek out from the clouds of what felt like certainty. I loved everything I did at the time, but the doodles into products that were unconsciously sprouting on the side of every page of my notes were starting to engulf me. It consumed me internally, to have been reminded of what the vibrations of graphite dragging felt like- to become something that has a story that embraces mortality, from a subject so simple to a life that emanates complexities. So here I am, Victor Yuen, with a degree in hand that is conceptually skew from this pursuit. I've been divined, through acquaintences that've crossed this path, to have been swayed into this realm and gifted with the first spurts of opportunity. This is it, this is where my head and heart have grown; with my hands open to embrace existance in a poetic way. Inquiries are welcome!


Let's get something going!

Los Angeles, US
Email: VictorYuen@live.com

Swing by for a cup of @Hi-Fi Espresso in Hermosa Beach,
or leave me a note by email.